Ποιειν Και Πραττειν - create and do

Collection of poems - Najet Adouani



The sailor and the stranger

When the stranger,
reached the beach,, 
the sailor was sending
his voice to heavens
To his sad harmony.........
a slim flute
was dancing;
his fingers caressing her fragile
increasing her pleasure,,
she writhes as a gypsy dancer,
attracted by a hymn
coming over the south wind
On the sea,
in front of his nostalgia,
a happy small
boat was continuing
to flow...
The stranger
slows her pace 
not to frighten
the passionate seagull.


When night comes

When night
had over run..
When wrapped my small room his shawl
a heavy darkness
was pressing my chest.
If these watchful stars
weren't here,
if they didn't spread out
their fun
into my eyes
my sleepless would be plunged
with a bitter- wine....
- Come
My braids missed your
scent breezes,
my heart's pulses
were yearning
for your chest's warmth.
- Come
we scarf the moon
our spectrum's beauty
and we play
a romance-tune
subscribed by my rouge
over your lips.


The Aid Card

I surprised the "aid"

In my vail lays an incomplete song,

In my dream's nest sprouts the scream

Of a lost homing-pigeon,

Who had torn my white dress?

Who had smashed the "Jasmines?"

Who raised walls to hide the sun?

Who seperated us dear freedom?


Who had planned to kill the eternal roses?

Over martyrs' graves;

Who stole Peace from the green cities?

Who burned the princess' shawl?


The time impression ignores laws,

Burns hatred - fire between brothers

Awakes the bestiality of this world,


The hangman are always the strongest...

And from my mouth falls a smile

And a piece of sweet...


A Child

A mute-girl takes a pen...

Over the whiteness of the paper insists

Full her voice...


Within lines the ash forms

a red butterfly…


Last New Year's Day,

Her mother was there,

With the silk of her lungs

Over the wall was drawing fiery-lilies,

And sending her pale light to the sky,

In her warm blue shawl put her thin cold hand and pray….


This New Year's Day,

Nobody, beside the fire-place…

Alone with a milky cat

form a family



A beacon,
Or a spectrum
Her voice was.

Everything here is full of her perfume,
as an earring
the moon was fallen on her
Brown cheek
the aged walnut tree
was dancing with her shadow,
under her feet…
four chairs were shaken of desire,
In the  black eyes
the coffee of a far mother
was trembling cups,
in a lost child braids sparkled a butterfly

holding on her fragile wings joys,
In the corners the smoke was weaving

To the wind dresses
Cups…Bottles…cups and bottles…
Oh, the cups woe me

Increase my thirst

Alone, I am wide open

For aches,

Into my blood my poems explode lilies,

Wear my thought's blaze

To be my ink on the paper.

Without a homeland,
without a name,
Without loved ones,

I lend to you my soul to join

My flood
to be my dress in this decease,

A sailboat refuses harbors.

In the coffee salt,

In the letters salt,
In the eyeballs salt
And on the lips salt
Alone my tongue
was dreaming of sugar.

The waves miss the rocks to slam

Their pride,
The ships miss the lover's tears

The eyeballs miss the water

And I miss phantoms entrusted them

With a mystery was poured outside

My broken dreams flask.




I am not afraid of empty-ways,

Because, they give me back to me,

Alone in the dark path I walk,

Towards the impossible,

I draw the flowers of the next spring,

Over the shawl of an old hope,

Was sleeping in the box of time

My grandmother is still there on that hill,

Exploding her feelings on the sunset veil,

Sings to me her preferable song,

Sending to me her braids, to climb them,

Towards me and her, outside this chemical,filthy-world….

--- play with your cat mom, and sleep in my love's fur……

I can polish distances by myself



The sun started to run

Towards the black mountain,

The tree started to collect its birds…


I started to gather my remembers….

I was drinking in the honor of my failures,

celebrating my death over an impossible dream,

As a mad wave I had melt between the sea arms,

I gave myself to illusions were hanging

over my braids an imaginary joy……..


As Salambo I stand on the dream’s harbor

Waiting for a simple Romanian solder

To give him my crown and my tears

I betrayed traditions and the tribe’s leader..

And because I am the sister of my father

I have the right to be that sword

Sparkling in the nights of a weak mother

I have the wright to stone the moon

To break the false laws menacing

Innocent girls in Iran and Afghanistan

I was born to correct God’s errors

Me the mother of God and his wife

Over the Olymp I spread my wings,

To my handsome God I stretched out my veil

I gave him a good wine beaker to drink

I opened my arms to hug his shadow

Sparkled in my mirror… It was only

a new failure has just ravaged

a fragile hope was dancing around

a red kindle had sacrificed her being for

a beautiful moment in a story…………


Rasputin time



Oh impudent song

In a Tsarina eyes

I am lame.

On your puzzles’ threshold.

Hatred feelings rub my blood

So I wrap the weak in a cynical look

And cracking the earth in a vision

of suffering and agony….

I lunch an arrow at the sky

Exploding her hard heart

I hate a woman fights me

So over my exhausted I throw her down

Rolling in a trembled mouth

Between my feet and she moans.


I call you then, come from all sides..

As my soul was melt in the hardness of your bones..

Send in the flood ships

Carrying me to a world that unites us:

You and the tsarina

and the destruction / me.


Your time is coming so come

And throw your orgy’s embers in hearts..

Drunken women

Dispersed outside the areas..

Explode in us love shelters

And show us cities were closed

By the hell guardians..


Tell me who, am I?

Describe my mixed features

so faces had earlier wearied their masks.


In the mirror a white hander kerchief

May sign tears flowed over the dark circles



Sovereign of this time, come

And whisper you’re erotic

Poems in my blood

As flames are my green desires.




I’m the desert.

In my wildness

Memories are wailing..

When seas raised between us,

You had never been far away

On words, on tongues.

And even over butterflies wings

We had met…

And now,

No sea,

No whistles,

And no wings….

Between us a castle

It buries my dreams

In a gloomy dust..

How can my wound

Be healed and my

coarse screams be softened?

Cover me with your rosy wings!

And there you are, towering

Before your enemies

Who raped your seas?

And ravaged all the flowers

on your green hills..

They said:

You are a daughter of a woman

who was ruined by faithfulness!

And here I’m, another woman

Burning inside a shell,

So do you accept my suicide..?





The sea roars……

To its shores are invited illusions and phantoms.

Where we had walked, a long time back,

Along those shores,

Then towards a red fire

Hanging down to shine

In front of the sunset

As if just a set stage

For a grasp of the moment.

I see a half –fish –eaten,

Almost rotten…………..

Corpses, corpses…corpses….

An unknown voice pulls me

away from a monster's mouth.

Alone I run against the breeze.

Nothing there to grant me a wish,

No hopes, no peace, only

Tears sparkled as embers

Onto a gloomy face…..


Within the lines played out be the sun

A strange scream had broken

The mirror of memories.

A small, weak voice had torn

The darkness of a heavy solitude

An anonymous hymn flew out of my


As a seagull I spread

My wings.

My dress swept away the dust of many roads

And took me to my nest: your eyes!

Slowly, I climbed the flame,

Behind me the shadow retired

As a new birth began to sparkle in the darkness.



The little seller of roses


One day while she was wandering

In the vastest avenue of the city

She offered her flower to a stranger…


Since then she stopped

To hold her basket

And to distribute between

Chairs full of tame-faces

Her smiles……….


On the hill a small house

Was waiting for the little butterfly

To break its silence.

A gloomy wind was wailing with

A sad woman who had just lost her dearest daughter.

That fragile girl had wanted to exchange her precious rose

For a loaf of bread…


Far from the sparkling

Malls and windows

Full of desires and hopes...


Over the new spring scarf

her smile will never sprout


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