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Amrhein, Volker

Project director of the organisation 'Dialogue between Generations'. When still student at Free University and living in a community flat in Kreuzberg, he started to work together with theatre director Tabori. Engaged in literature and theatre, he developed a skill of story telling and in the development of conversational narratives. He has a wide range of experiences with regards to networking and practices in intercultural dialogues. As project director, he has been involved in numerous German and European wide projects linking generations.

For newsletter online see www.generationendialog.de/newsletter.php

The office is located at Pfefferwerk Stadtkultur gGmbH / Projektebüro "Dialog der Generationen", Fehrbelliner Str. 92, 10119 Berlin

E-Mail: dialog-der-generationen@pfefferwerk.de


Antoni, Jacob

Coming from a famous family he grew up in an artistic and intellectual environment. Since becoming engaged as architect, he has been involved in numerous alternative Berlin projects. This includes seeking ways to secure sustainability at the border to the normal system. His interests are debates and projects linked to the wish to create and to preserve free spaces for artistic and cultural activities.

Ariadne, Gabriele

Child of the '68 generation with her father having fled from Iran when 17, she studied law and philosophy. After having become lawyer, she became as well a teacher of breathing techniques and life-coach. Since 2003 she conducts workshops, seminars and coachings in personality development to overcome critical situations and optimise own talents. She is the co-founder of the Berlin Academy for mental power which bases its principles on knowledge about breathing techniques.

Arvanitaki, Anna

She has studied in Greece (NTUA) and UK (MSc UCL), she is working since 1980 at the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Planning, where she gained experience in spatial planning at all levels. For the last 10 years, she has been dealing with the Law 2508/97 on Sustainable Urban Development in drafting specifications for Municipal Land-use Plans, Urban Regeneration Studies etc. Since 2006, she is coordinating the Master Plans for the cities of Patras, Larissa, Volos and Ioannina, an initiative which entails strategic spatial planning of medium-sized cities in Greece for the first time. In parallel, she has been involved in several European projects, advising Greek local / regional authorities on issues of planning and environment.

Since 2003, she is president of the Civil non Profit Company “POIEIN KAI PRATTEIN” (“To Create and to Do”), an NGO dedicated in promoting actions, both scientific/analytic and cultural/artistic, for the improvement of living in Cities and the countryside.

Fischer, Hatto (Dr.)

Dr.Fischer wrote his Ph.D. in Political Philosophy at Free University of Berlin, and has since been a philosopher and writer. He has been an advisor to the Greens for the Committee on Culture, Education, Media, Youth and Sports of the European Parliament and now advises other cultural matters and European projects. Dr.Fischer is presently the Coordinator of Poiein Kai Prattein

Holste, Christine (Dr.)

Christine Holste studied first in Heidelberg before moving in 1975 to Berlin where she has lived ever since. Her studies cover a wide range of art historical and sociological studies of urban settlement developments. She takes a keen interest in the arts and has been studying piano. When asked about Wroclaw in anticipation of this city making a bid to become European Capital of Culture, she recommended to follow a literary path which includes a visit of the old Jewish cemetery in order to discover the hidden dimensions of this city once called Breslau. Currently she is lecturing in Linz and Basel while continuously writing on various subject matters, including Susan Sontag, together with her partner Richard Faber.

Kagan, Sacha

Kagan is research associate at the Institute of Cultural Theory, Research, and the Arts, Leuphana University Lueneburg, as well as founding coordinator of Cultura21 International, founding member of Cultura21 Institut in Germany, and founding director of the International Summer School of Arts and Sciences for Sustainability in Social Transformation.

Kentonis , Achilleas

Having studies engineering and physics in the US, Kentonis worked for NASA research, but has also studied fine arts and cultural technology. Kentonis founded ARTos foundation and Multum, in Parvo. Kentonis is also an active artist, consultant, cultural policy maker and is now part of the team in charge of the application for the candidacy of Nicosia as a Cultural Capita; for 2017.

Kirsch, Christian

Christian Kirsch has been involved in commercial work, NGO work and creative work, including being the founder of Musica Magna International, advisor in culture politics and economics, and initiating and founding the International Delphic Council. Kirsch has won the Honourable Diploma from the city council of Moscow for cultural achievements, the Price of Innovative Citizens in Germany, and others. Christian Kirsch is Secretary General of the International Delphic Council and Initiator of the Delphic Games of the Modern Era, as Forum for Arts, Culture and Education.


Koefoed, Oleg

Dr.Koefoed is an Action Philosopher, and an external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School and University of Roskilde. Koefoed is the Co-founder and co-director of  the International Summer School of Arts and Sciences for Sustainability in Social Transformation and Cultura21 Nordic.  whilst taking the role as Chairman of the board of Teaterkunst and ECCO International.

Norman, Karl-Erik

Karl-Erik Norrman is founder (2002) and Secretary General of the European Cultural Parliament (ECP). As a Swedish diplomat he served in Moscow, Peking, Geneva and Rome, dealing with foreign policy, trade negotiations, development cooperation, UN negotiations. As ambassador since 1989 he was Swedish Commissioner General at EXPO 92 in Seville and in the 1990ies head of the Cultural Department and Executive Member of the Commission for Sweden Promotion Abroad, Foreign Ministry. He has been opera singer and is author of several books and is member of several International Boards.

Pohlmann, Franziska

Franziska Pohlmann studied Applied Cultural Sciences at Leuphana Universitaet Lueneburg. Pohlmann’s Ph.D. topic is Cultural Sustainability, where one of the aims is to see if cultural projects lead to more sustainable awareness. Pohlmann has also done a lot of musical composing and drama authoring. www.haute-culture.de

Schall , Johanna

Actress who worked at the German Theatre in East Berlin until the fall of the Berlin Wall about which she gave an account at the conference 'Europe Performing' held in Toronto, Canada in 2009. She has been directing numerous plays with one of her latest ones being based on Bulganov's 'The Master and Margaritta'. Her love for the theatre she translates into a blog to inform people about various modes of thinking about theatre facing difficulties to survive in times of cultural budgetary cuts. She is interested in philosophy and poetry while bringing up her daughter.

Simon, Antonia

Green politician who is candidating from the Berlin district Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf for the Berlin Parliament in the upcoming elections in Sept. 2011. She is involved in the cultural fields both as artist and organiser of exhibitions to connect with especially Latin America. In 2007 she engaged herself for a temporary Kunsthalle in Berlin, White Cube Berlin, conceived by Constanze Kleiner and Coco Kühn. This project aims at the installation of a Contemporary Art Center at the Schlossplatz in Berlin from 2007 to 2010 and has the support of the art galleries association and several private investors. She did this due to her knowledge about the connections between the Berlin art scene and KIAF.

Szaflik, Joanna

Coordinator of the Kreisau Initiation with seat in Berlin but active directly in Kreisau – the place where active resistance against Hitler was organised and where was established a European Centre for the Youth to meet. She moved to Berlin six years ago and has been initiating youth projects, the latest one being about 'Nation and Identity' in order to examine various forms of patriotism.

Verschaffel, Bart (Dr.)

Bart Verschaffel (°1956) studied Philosophy and Medieval Studies at the University of Louvain (Ba, Ma; PhD, 1985), and is since 2004 full professor in the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Ghent University (Belgium). He teaches Theory of Architecture and Architectural Criticism. He has numerous publications in the fields of Architectural Theory, Aesthetics and Art Criticism, and Philosophy of Culture.


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