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            Brandenburger Gate



          Until the news spread on the 9th of November that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States and therefore succeeds Barack Obama, that date has been associated in Germany and Europe until now with the fall of the Berlin Wall, and for which stands the open Brandenburger Gate as a symbol for a Europe without borders. However, the date evokes as well memories when Hitler initated the first Pogrom in 1938. That followed the burning of books which had started already in 1933. Throughout history the flame has been mainly an ambivalent symbol. However, there is as well the song with the refrain 'burn baby, burn...'. Before knowing the outcome, I wrote

                                  a little reflection.

Today it is election day in the USA. I wonder where this kind of campaign has taken a country once so proud about its democratic institutions and tradition? The human decency of Obama was something substantial and human. Now it is like mad dogs which have torn up newspapers filled with all sorts of headlines but all far off from the reality lived daily. The politics of Trump is not forgiveable. It will require a lot of fresh air before the stench of bad accusations will have disappeared. As friends in the United States and others predict after the election the crowd aroused by Trump shall not easily go away. The fanatics of the anti state believers are at one and the same time the fundamentalists of a politics of the invisible hand which should rule with an iron fist. The need to distract from own failures means targeting foreigners or migrants as if they are to be blamed for the mishaps and set backs any economy based on tough competition entails. For sure, to be noticed are also the daily crimes against humanity. One woman pushes another woman in front of an incoming train at Times Square station and she dies. We had a similar incidence here in Berlin. This tangency of death makes it all the more surreal when Hillary talks about her love for America and Trump trumpets as if engaged in the battle of Jericho. Perhaps in his perversion of logical thinking, he wishes in reality to let the walls come crushing down rather than erecting them along the Mexican-USA border. But there is a saying when in the woods and about to light a camp fire, it takes but a few more sticks thrown into the fire to make the flames go higher. Now that America is no longer a baby or a fledging nation, but ought to be mature, the crucial question is whether on this day many things will still burn, burn, burn...long after everyone has thought the fire has been extinguished. Lets wish even the last hope in human decency has not been engulfed completed in all the bonfires lit during this election campaign.

Hatto Fischer

Berlin 8.11.2016


European Capitals of Culture

San Sebastian 2016 and Wroclaw 2016

Future ECoCs

Aarhus 2017 and Paphos 2017

Valletta 2018 and Leeuwarden 2018 in Holland

Matera 2019 in Italy and  Plovdiv 2019 in Bulgaria.

2020 Rijeka in Croatia


2021 In Greece Eleusis, Kalamata and Rhodes had been short listed, Eleusis 2021 was selected on 11.11.2016.

2021 Timisoara 2021 in Rumania

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Mons 2015

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Search for peace


Deutschland / Germany

Diskussion zur Flüchtlingsproblematik bzw. wie stellt sich die Gesellschaft ihre Zukunft vor?

Flüchtlingsgespräche / talk with refugees

Humanistische Werte in der Einwanderungsgesellschaft

Siehe auch Bericht von Andreas Müller-Hermann über die Arbeit der Freiwilligen auf Lesbos:

Europe and the refugees - crisis or challenge in 2015 - 2016

26th World Poetry Festival in Medellin, June 18 - 25, 2016


 Poets presenting themselves to the press on opening day, June 18


Space and Colour by Roger David Servais


Roger David Servais

versteht sich als jüdischer Maler in Berlin als jemand der durch Brechung von Farben Nuanzen hervorbringt, und dies im Raum zeigt.





Roger David Servais as Jewish painter living in Berlin knows how to break colours so as to bring out nuances of differences thereof within space.


Spuren eines ungezähmten Lebens / traces of an untamed life

Guernica Youth

Kids' Guernica – Guernica Youth meeting in Wroclaw, May 13 – 16, 2015

The Russian-Ukranian-German mural: intercultural dialogue in Berlin 2015

Flüchtlingskinder / Refugee children in Hotel Präsident, Berlin 2016


Children and war

Children and War - photo collection of Reinhard Schultz

The artist Sonia Goggisberg and Ariana Rocha, director of ONG taking care of 270 kids per day, have started together in August 2015 a Guernica Youth Action in São Paulo 2015, Brazil. The mural was completed in 2016.



The children of the Memorandum experience no longer early adulthood, for the transition from a life with promises for the future to a life in misery understood not in an abstract, but concrete sense from child/youth to being the elderlies of society has been captured in one poem.

The Way We Live Now

The way we live now is
the way we used to live,
only now we have
more ways of knowing it,
and fewer ways of living it.

Vasia Tzanakari

The Bogota lecture by Hatto Fischer about the relationship between Greece and Germany


Conferences 2016

27 - 29 March "Culture and Democracy" conference in Teboursouk, Tunisia

19 - 20 April European Culture Forum in Brussels
– which was postponed in November due to force majeure -

20 - 23 June "Traces of Multiculturalism in Central Europe" International Conference organised by the University of Alberta, Canada at Wroclaw University



16 - 18 October UNeCC conference in Wroclaw

18 - 21 October 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture  of IFACCA in Valletta Malta

8 - 9 November CULTURAL IDENTITIES ON THE MOVE "Soul of Europe" conference in Berlin

23 - 25 November "Cities as Community Spaces" - Third International conference on Cultural Relations in Europe and the Mediterranean in Valletta, Malta
Publications by POIEIN KAI PRATTEIN 
Catalogue "Imperishable Water", 2012 with Haroula Hadjinicilou, Anna Arvanitaki, Hatto Fischer (ed.), Athens ISBN 978-618-80160-0-2
Hatto Fischer: The poem 'Destiny still flows' by Katerina Anghelaki Rooke
- this concerns a discussion of the poem which inspired the action on Rhodes last year
"Nation and Identity" by Kreisau-Initiative, with introduction by Hatto Fischer is crucial for answering the question whether or not Patriotism is an alternative to Nationalism. Youth met first in Kreisau, Poland and were inspired by this example set by the Kreisau Circle which went into resistance against Hitler on the basis of a non discriminatory approach for the day after Hitler fell.
Article by Anna Arvanitaki and Haroula Hadjinicolaou, "Action on Rhodes" in Journal "Nissides" (small islands). Rhodos, Vol. 9, 2012

The poem "strong images" by Hatto Fischer was published on August 18, 2015. See http://labloga.blogspot.com/search?q=hatto+fischer.

Poiein kai Prattein is member of the Mediterranean Directory organized by the
René Seydoux Foundation
Mediterranean Directory

Currently a group of poets with Yiorgos Chouliaras and Hatto Fischer as editors are preparing a READER about Greece to be published by Paperwall, Mumbai, India in 2016.

Cultural Calendar for 2015

14th of January World Wide Poetry Reading in Solidarity with Poet Fayadh who is sentenced to death by Saudi Arabia, see


18 - 20 February 16th Kritya Poetry Festival


2-10 March Women Scream Festival in Madrid www.gritodemujer.com

21 March Day of Poetry http://www.un.org/en/events/poetryday/

16 April Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah)

18 - 25 June 26th World Poetry Festival in Medellin, Colombia

7 - 17 Sept Literaturfestival in Berlin http://www.literaturfestival.com/

1 - 30 Oct Poets for peace / Dichter für den Frieden - Action of World Poetry Movement    http://www.wpm2011.org/node/959







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